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Urgent Care: A Growing Segment In The Medical Industry

Urgent care is the niche in the medical industry that is evolving in more significant manner. This niche provides with ambulatory care in a medical setup that is not available in the emergency room of traditional hospitals. These are centers that are available for treating diseases and injuries that require immediate care. Certain conditions may not be as severe as those that need ER visit. Such centers are different from the ambulatory healthcare centers or the convenient care – clinics, emergency departments, etc. In case of such conditions, they are treated, and the facilities also are available on the site. These centers may not be available for 24 hours but can be open before 8 am and also after about 7 pm.

Urgent care centers are places that can provide the patients with excellent comfort, since the patients can get treatment without any appointments. They also come with many services and treatments. Most of the centers usually have got the presence of a physician, and they charge anything that is lesser compared to the charge of the hospitals or the traditional EDs. Such centers are gaining much popularity due to these factors and so they have become much higher in their number. There are chances for such centres to increase gradually in the future.

Location of the Urgent Care – Centers


Most of these centers are usually found in suburban areas, and only 15 percentages are available in urban areas. Around 10 percentages of such centres are available in the rural areas. Out of all these centers almost about half of them are found in buildings that are free standing while others can be found in shopping centers. Here is something very convenient and easily accessible for the people. Almost about 80 percentage of them can be found open in all the days of the week. There are chances for these centers to be even available after 7.

Conditions Treated

There are various conditions that are diagnosed and treated in the urgent center. Any complications related with upper respiratory system can be treated from these centers. They also come with all the provisions for treating injuries that are much common. They also provide with the occupational – drug services. You can find minimum one physician who is fully employed in such centers. They also can provide family medicine. The physicians who are working in such centers need no such privileges of hospital admitting.

Cost Effectiveness

Another striking factor related with these centers is that they offer with the treatments in much-reduced cost compared to that of the expense of the traditional hospital. This center provide great relief for many individuals who find it hard to afford the traditional treatment.


These centers are places that are considered as an excellent alternatives for the patients who find it hard to access the physicians as there is a great shortage of them. Some groups of physicians feel that the growth of these centers can cause hindrance in coordinating care as there are no regular physicians.