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Why Your Doctor Might Order An Ultrasound Test

Ultrasound test is something very familiar for almost all individuals. It is a test that is usually consulted by a doctor for the pregnant ladies. This test can be useful for finding out the growth status of the baby inside womb. Fetal imaging is the primary use of the ultrasonic test while it has got many other applications too. If your doctor suggests this test for you then you may think, it can be for any of these purposes. Ultrasound is also known as sonography, and it uses sound waves for developing the ultrasound images related with the things that are going inside the body. A tool called a transducer is used for emitting sound of higher frequency. These voices cannot be audible for human beings. These images are displayed on the computer screen and are interpreted by radiologists or the doctor. Sonography is the technology that can be of greater help in diagnosing and treating certain conditions. Here are the various purposes of performing ultrasound test.



Ultrasound imaging has got many applications during the pregnancy. They can be used for knowing the due dates as well as in finding in the presences of multiples. This test is also much helpful in finding out various complications related with pregnancy that can be birth defects, breech positioning, placental issues, etc. Even the sex of the baby can be found through this test, but the revelation of it is banned in many places for controlling destruction of female foeticide. This test can also help the doctors in knowing the size of the baby before the delivery.


Ultrasound imaging can be of greater help in the diagnosis of different conditions that affect soft tissues and organs of the body. It includes testicles, thyroid, eyes, ovaries, uterus, bladder, kidneys, pancreas, etc. The major drawback with these imaging is that it cannot pass through the bones or the dense parts of the body and also the areas that usually hold gas or air like bowel.

Medical Procedures

Ultrasound test can be useful for the doctors during various processes that include needle biopsies that need doctor to eliminate a tissue with high accuracy from the body for the purpose of testing.

Therapeutic Applications

Ultrasounds tests can also be of great use in detecting and treating the injuries that occur to the soft tissues. This is the kind of imaging and technique that has got applications in the wider aspect.

Kinds of Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging can be available in various forms. Doppler is one kind of imaging that creates images of the way blood flows through the blood vessels. Osteoporosis can be diagnosed through bone sonography. Ultrasound image gets another dimension with the help of 3D imaging. 4D ultrasounds are also available which can be useful for showing the movements of the 3D images.

This is the technique that is much convenient to use and is painless. It can be carried out without incisions, injections or needles. The patients do not get exposed towards ionizing radiation.