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A Fake Doctor Excuse: Is It Ethical?

Fake doctor excuses have become much common as almost all the individuals are getting the help of the fake notes from the doctors for taking leave from a company or institution. There are many companies and managers who come forward with many restrictions in providing leave for their employees. These restrictions are at times so hard to deal with that you have to resort to some illegitimate ways for taking leave. If you desire to go for a holiday with your family in order to come out of a busy schedule, it is hard to get leave. Take time off and relax from work just by using a fake doctor’s note.

The only alternative then is to use some fake methods for convincing the boss to take some days off. One of the popular and easiest methods is to get a printable doctor’s note. This service is now offered all over the web and anyone can have access to it anytime.

It seems like the world has gone crazy for these doctors note for school/work. It’s incredible how this tool actually works. So if you plan to have an extra vacation hassle free, worries free, you must grab your doctor’s excuse note as well.

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When you start thinking about the moral aspect of it, It can be really daunting as it has many things to consider. There are certain situations that you need leave for sure may be due to the illness of your family or friends but your boss may not provide you off for that. In such a context, there is nothing other than a fake doctor excuse that can help you. Some of the situations make you resort to such means like fake notes for taking leave. Here are some of the situations and also things you should take care when you are getting such fake doctor notes.

You are ill but Did Not Consult a Doctor


This is a very common thing that might have occurred to most of us. In some cases, we may come across severe fever, headache or any such illnesses. However, we may not feel like taking the hassle of going to doctor’s clinic, rather buy some over to counter medicines and stay back. Taking holiday for one or two days may make you recover but how to convince your boss that you were ill for the last couple of days. Never worry much about it but get a doctor’s note apparently a fake one from the internet. Here you are sick and just that you want proof to present before the higher authorities about your off days. There is nothing offensive to produce a false note in such a context. Learn to make your own fake doctor’s note so that you can skip work.

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Busy Doctor

This is an era where hospitals are always flooded with patients. Just imagine that you are at the doctor’s place at a time when a doctor is busy due to so many patients affected by the epidemic. In such a context, the doctor may not spend much time discussing your illness or how a doctor’s note should be. Here you are ill and met your doctor but your doctor didn’t provide you with a note. It is hard to make your boss understand that it is due to the busy schedule of the doctor that you did not get a doctor’s note. All that they may be in need of is proof. You are just meant to produce that.

When you are producing such fake doctor excuses make sure that it looks real. If there are some kinds of issues with that then you can be in real trouble.

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